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 Agricultural raw materials :: Feed stuf

		    * Oil meal (meals, pellets, expellers of various oil seeds)

    		* Sunflower

    		* Barley

		    * Oat

		    * Others Oliseeds

			* All varieties, mainly for oil mills and sporadically for compound feed stuff and bird feed, food stuff etc.

		    * Soya beans

		    * Rape seed (canola)

		    * Sun flower seed

		    * Lin seed

		    * Safflower seed


			Vegetable oils

    		* Crude and refined oils

			* Fatty acids Miling bakery industry

		Prodex General is the main exporter of Dobrogea’s products. DOBROGEA is one of the most important producers from the milling – bakery industry in Romania.

    * Flour

      Flour types have the following characteristics :

      - enriched with vitamins and minerals

      - obtained under ISO 9001 Quality System


            - Flour 000 Ideal for bakery, pastry and confectionery specialties.

            - Flour, Type 650 Used for manufacturing traditional bakery products (long loaf, home-made bread, etc.).

            - Flour, Type 1000 Corrected and standardized intermediate flour that is used in producing bakery products.

            - Dark Flour, Type 1250 Used to manufacture healthy products rich in food fibres.

            - Total Milling Flour The most valuable flour obtained through complete milling of wheat into extra fine granules, flour that is nutritively balanced.


            - Flour Type 480 'Queen' The first flour assortment in Romania particularly designed for home-made products, obtained from raw materials of highest quality by using state of the art equipment and technology.

            - Flour Type 000 for 'Sponge Cake' Ready-made flour, guarantees the success of your home made sponge cake.

          o PACKING TYPES

            - Three-layer paper bags, printed, able to support various weights: 10, 25, 50 kgs

            - Expiration date: 6 months after manufacturing date Wine Alfalfa Bales Alfalfa Pellets wheat bran wheat bran pellets siloz

PRODEX GENERAL srl is an Romanian export company . The firm was established in 1994. The activity of exportation grew year by year, now reaching a turn over of 1000 000 EUR.
At first our parteners were from Turkey and Bulgaria, but now we have business relationship with parteners from : European Union (Germany, France, Poland, Swisserland, Czech Rep.), Turkey, Bulgaria, Egypt, Georgia..

Prodex General is the main exporte of the most importatnt producers from milling - bakery industry in Romania .


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